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These two are the best! Wherever they go they bring their positive energy and best intentions. The world needs more like them.

by Charles Grinbaum Check out my review on Facebook, "Michael and Anabel Simpson, Realtors" page

"I'm glad to have the opportunity to Yelp about the Anabel Simpson! I feel that I owe her so much for being so knowledgeable, patient and professional with us! We had to sell our house to relocate out of state and she understood our urgency. She sold our house in only 3 months!!! She was always in contact with me every step of the way and I miss her so much. I wish I could transport her to New Jersey since we're now looking to buy out here. So, if you need a reliable , professional person fro your real estate needs, look no further than Simpson Realty

by Brenda Mendez See My Review on Facebook, "Michael and Anabel Simpson, Realtors" page

Anabel and Michael were very helpful in selling my mothers home. It was in a Trust and the had to deal with a number of issues that involved a lot of paperwork. We lived a good distance from the property and the would go and make sure that the home looked it's best. Both Anabel and Michael were very professional and were successful in getting the price we were happy with.

by Debbie Brown Larson See My Review on Facebook, "Michael and Anabel, Realtors" page

View what former client, Suzan, says about her experience with Michael and Anabel Simpson with Simpson Realty Group and TNG Real Estate Consultants.

by Suzan W View My Review on Facebook, Michael and Anabel Simpson

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Reasons to Move to Garden Grove, California

Garden Grove, California is a great place for virtually anyone to move to, ranging from young professionals to families with children. It is located in Orange County, south of Anaheim and west of Orange and Santa Ana. There are tons of great reasons to move to this little city, from fun attractions and a variety of things to do to a high quality of life. Here are our favorite reasons to move to Garden Grove.

The weather is gorgeous.

It almost goes without saying that the weather in southern California is absolutely amazing. Even in the winter, it rarely goes below 50 degrees, and you never have to worry about snow. Because of this, people living in Garden Grove are able to spend tons of their time outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Spending time in the sun has been known to put you in a positive mood, so residents are very happy.

It is within driving distance of a variety of things to do.

Garden Grove is conveniently located just a short drive away from many beaches,  but there’s also plenty of hiking if you head to the east. Disneyland is just a short drive north, and big cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, and Long Beach are within driving distance as well. There’s so much to explore in the area, and the convienient highway system means you can get places quickly with a car.

Residents enjoy fun community events.

The town used to be an agricultural center, so every year Garden Grove hosts a Strawberry Festival during Memorial Day weekend. There are tons of food vendors, parades, and carnival rides and attractions. The event brings together people from the surrounding towns and is very fun for the whole family.

The area is home to a vibrant theater community.

If you enjoy the performing arts, then Garden Grove offers plenty for you to see. The Festival Amphitheater hosts the Shakespeare Orange County festival every summer, which allows you to enjoy a variety of Shakespeare’s most popular plays in one place. The Gem Theater brings in a variety of classic and original plays in one of the town’s historic buildings. The town has a long history of theater – the Garden Grove Playhouse was long home to an active theater troupe, but is now defunct.

The town is charming and celebrates its history.

Living in a town with a historical background creates a sense of community and adds to its charm, and Garden Grove definitely does that. The Stanley Ranch Museum and Historical Village has preserved a small number of historic buildings that you can walk through, and hosts tours to help you learn about the history of the area as well. Many of the buildings date back to the 19th century, and strolling through the area is a reminder of simpler times gone by.

It is very family friendly.

If you have kids, there are tons of places for them to run around and have fun outside in Garden Grove. The first is the Atlantis Play Center, which has tons of water features for kids to splash around in during a hot day. The area is also home to Garden Grove Park and Magnolia Park, which provide tons of space for a game of tag or frisbee. Additionally, the parks provide an ideal place for adults to walk their dogs or go for a morning run.

The Crystal Cathedral is one of the most unique and beautiful sights in the area.

This stunning cathedral is the centerpiece of Garden Grove, and attracts tons of visitors from the area. For those who are Catholic, it is one of the most beautiful places to worship in southern California. Even for those who are not Catholic, the cathedral is a great place to take pictures and enjoy some stunning views of the area.