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Home Decor Pieces to Make Your Space More Stylish

Home Decor Pieces to Make Your Space More Stylish

Home Decor Pieces to Make Your Space More Stylish

When staging your home for a sale, you want it to look very appealing to potential buyers. One of the best ways you can do this is by having an aesthetically pleasing decor setup. Although this doesn’t change many of the important things about your home, it does make it much more appealing to anyone who is considering purchasing the house. When staging the home, you want to go for decor that is classy and fashionable without being overly trendy. Here are some ideas for pieces you can add to your home to make it more appealing.


There are tons of benefits to adding mirrors to your home. The biggest benefit is that they actually can make a small space look much bigger, which does wonders for making a tiny apartment or house look more appealing to buyers. Mirrors also reflect light, so they make your space seem much brighter. There are tons of ways to incorporate mirrors into your decor – you can go for an antique piece or include something much more modern.


Adding greenery to your home is an easy way to make it seem more lively and welcoming. However, many people don’t want the stress of caring for a high-maintenance plant. Adding a succulent to your home is a great solution to this. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, but they require very little maintenance. They are a fun way to liven up a room that feels a little ‘blah’, particularly if you house them in chic pots or terrariums.

Ceramic Accessories

If you need to fill a shelf or table with some decor items, add some trendy ceramic pieces. They have a very artisanal feel that is earthy yet minimalist at the same time, and they can be used for a variety of different things. You can easily find great ceramic pieces everywhere from online shops to local boutiques, and you don’t have to spend much money.

Accent Pillows

A very easy way to make your living room seem more comfortable, welcoming, and cohesive is to add chic throw pillows your couch. There are tons of appealing throw pillows available everywhere from big box stores to indie boutiques to farmer’s markets, so it’s easy to find one that you like. For maximum impact, pair one patterned or brightly colored pillow with others that are more neutral.

Textured Rug

If you have wood or tile floors, an easy way to add some dimension to them and make them more comfortable is by placing a textured rug in the center of the room. Whether you go for something neutral or splurge for a bold print, a chic rug can make a huge difference in the way that your room looks and feels. They can be expensive, but they are a great investment piece that will last you a long time.


Adding a nice candle to your room can completely change its ambiance, particularly if you are showing your home. Candles not only add extra light that feels soft and cozy, but they also can really fill the room with a pleasant and welcoming scent. Pair your candles with chic candle holders and you’ll have the perfect centerpiece for your mantle or living room table.

Wall Art

You don’t necessarily have to go out and purchase a masterpiece, but it does help to fill your walls with art that is bright, appealing, and well-proportioned. Having decor pieces in your space makes it feel much happier and more welcoming to anyone who is interested in making a purchase.


Michael and Anabel Simpson

Michael and Anabel Simpson have over 16 years of experience helping the community buy and sell real estate in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside County with a special emphasis on Anaheim and the surrounding area. In addition to being licensed Realtors, they are Short Sale and Foreclosure certified. Ask Michael and Anabel Simpson about the different techniques they use to sell homes, including 3D video, social media marketing and more. Contact Michael and Anabel Simpson today.

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