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Home Staging Tips To Sell Your Home Quickly

Home Staging Tips To Sell Your Home Quickly

Easy Home Staging Tips to Help You Sell Quickly

When your home is on the market for sale, you want to make it look as appealing as possible to potential buyers. This process is called ‘staging’ your home – presenting it in the best light so that people will take an interest. Home staging can be very intimidating if you aren’t used to keeping your home in picture perfect condition, but there are actually tons of small things you can do to make your home look nice and presentable that don’t take too much time, money, or effort. Here are our best home staging tips.

Add extra light.

The more light you have in your home, the more appealing it will seem to potential buyers. Light makes rooms seem happy and welcoming – nobody wants to spend their time in a space that is dark and uninviting. Take advantage of the natural light available to you by opening up windows, and add lamps wherever you can. Investing in additional lighting for your home is an easy way to change the way it looks and feels.

Make your entrance an inviting one.

The porch and front door make a big first impression with potential buyers, so be sure to play that up when showing your home. Wash your door (yes, really) to get rid of any weather or plant related grime that has built up over the years. Add a wreath, as well as a doormat, plants, or any other welcoming decor that fits your style. If the holidays are coming up, you can even add seasonally appropriate decorations as well.

Get rid of grime in the bathroom and kitchen.

This may seem obvious, but having grime anywhere in your home can really detract from its appeal. Get rid of mold and other residue and buildup by using a bleach based solution (check online to see exactly what can be used on each surface without damaging it). If your surfaces are spotless, potential buyers will focus more on the quality of the building materials instead of being distracted by what’s on top of it.

Use neutral color schemes.

When selling your home, you want to appeal to people of all tastes, as well as people of all genders. Avoid using anything too dark and heavy or too light and pastel – medium colors like light greens and yellows work well, as do deep reds and blues. Neutrals like brown, beige, and gray are also perfect to pair with brighter colors. Design that is simple and classic is most likely to appeal to a wide variety of people.

Get rid of any unnecessary clutter.

Clutter is always going to make a space seem overwhelming and uncomfortable. Before you show your house, go through each room and get rid of everything you don’t need. This makes the lines of the furniture and other decor pieces look clean and appealing instead of obstructing them. If you have tons of clutter that you just can’t bear to throw away altogether, get some appealing storage units for it to minimize the visual impact.

Clean your floors.

We often forget just how dirty our floors can get, so make sure to clean them before you show your home. Wash any hard surfaces to get rid of any buildup, and be sure to have your carpets steam cleaned. Carpets can actually hold onto odors and stains for a long time, so cleaning them will give your home a big boost.

Add some charm.

Many people are more attracted to a home when it feels like someone really lives there, so add small elements of charm like some fresh flowers in the kitchen, or a mildly scented candle in the living room.


Michael and Anabel Simpson

Michael and Anabel Simpson have over 16 years of experience helping the community buy and sell real estate in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside County with a special emphasis on Anaheim and the surrounding area. In addition to being licensed Realtors, they are Short Sale and Foreclosure certified. Ask Michael and Anabel Simpson about the different techniques they use to sell homes, including 3D video, social media marketing and more. Contact Michael and Anabel Simpson today.

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